How to Backup Android Stock ROM to PC

How to Backup Android Stock ROM to PC

You should take a full backup on your device even when it is in a bricked or boot loop state. Boot your Pixel device to the TWRP recovery and then use the Backup option for taking the backup. Manually doing so would take ages and also calls for a lot of effort. Therefore, the best route forward is taking a Nandroid backup directly via TWRP. Doing so will create a backup of all the partitions on your device. These include the data, system, vendor, boot, among others. So if your device gets bricked or boot looped, you only need to restore this backup and the device will be up and running.

There’s more than one way to take backup Android ROMs completely. These full ROM backups are known as Nandroid backups and could help you restore back your complete firmware to the point where you left it. The app also offers to backup only selected conversations, which is great. Once you have tweaked stock firmware through all the available options, press the “BACK UP NOW” button to backup Android messages now. – It is always wise to take a backup before you land yourself in trouble.

restore stock rom from backup

Let the context determine if someone asking for a full backup wants option 1 or 2. Double clicking on the Android Backup file will allow you to restore your device from the backup file. Droid Explorer will do full backups of the device and save them in %USERPROFILE%\Android Backups.

  • It’s the first tool you should use if you ever need to unbrick your phone.
  • We will get back to you with a solution at the earliest.
  • To install the OTA file, use the following command in the CMD window (inside platform-tools).
  • WE use SP flash tool for custom recovery,flashing Stock Rom and to fix the hard brick device.
  • To get a complete backup of your Android phone, you’ll need an app that handles backups.

There are a few ways to access data on Android without root. The easiest way is to use a third-party app like Data Transfer. Another option is to use a file manager like ES File Explorer or File Manager Pro and access the files directly. Finally, you can use a command line tool like adb shell to access the data on the device. In some devices, you need to flash recovery image using ADB and Fastboot. Majorly this applies to the device which has Google’s stock UI such as nexus, pixel, most Motorola device, etc. You can learn what is custom recovery from our previous article is.

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