About Snehajyothy Boys Home

The second Child Care Institution of the Society is Snehajyoty Boys Home situated at vallem kadavu, Parappuram PO, Kanjoor, Ernakulam District, Kerala. It is recognized by Board of Control for orphanages and other charitable Homes vide No.1805 dated on 01/05/2011 valid upto 30/04/2019 with the capacity of admitting 50 male children. The registration under Juvanile Justice (care and Protection of children) Act, 2015, Juvenile Justice (care and protection of children) Rules, 2016 framed by the central/ state Government vide No 229/2017 for 5 years from 30/12/2017 to29/12/2022.Now the centre has 31 children in the age group of 6 to 18.
Snehajyothy Boys Home is Having the following Specialities
  • Excellent nursing care and nutritious food
  • Adequate place for sleep
  • Neat and hygienic circumstances for boarding
  • Safe Housing
  • Food, Dress and Medical
  • Total care
  • Better education all children
  • Dealing with Children problems including Counselling and legal Assistance
  • Assistance
  • Recreation facilities
  • Seperate place for study
  • Adequate place for play
  • Training for Yoga, music, life skills etc
Periodical visit of team members consisting of medical Officer, health Inspectors, junior Public Health Nurse Etc from the Primary health Centre to assess the children health status. All the vaccination to the children is done as per the government norms. Separate sick room and nursing stations are available to address the medical issues of the children. The service of the agency doctor is available in every week.The doctor assess the health status of every children and provide the necessary medical advice to the staff and give awareness for the children.
The home is mainly focussing the over all development of the children.The facilities are available for the children to the growth and development.Compulsory Education is the main aim and provide the better and complusory education to all children. The institution provides the formal education to all the children admitting the boys home. Seperate tution classes are arranged for the children in every day including the holidays.More than 50% of students are scoring higer marks in the competative examinations. The students are very good in curricular and extra curricular activities. Peridical awareness classes regarding the discipline, behavior modification, character formation and need of good education.As a part of extra curricular activities, provide an opportunity for practising Yoga, Music, dance and physical training within the institution.
All the children practising the yoga in every morning.We provide an opportunity for developing the talents like music, dance, and speech and so on within our limited resources.The service of the music and dance teachers are available in all Saturdays and holidays .We are planning more developmental programmes in the coming years for the betterment of the children.
The Boys Home provides the opportunity for the children to play and creative thinking.There is an adequate place for engaging the play activities.The centre provides necessary equipments like lady cycles, toys, chess board, snake and ladder, etc.The staff provides the training for music, dance, speech, colouring, drawing and other necessary skills.
Snehajyothyboys home provides the councelling services to the children with different behavioural problems by appointing a councicellor.
Boys home organised all the important events, like Onam, Christmas,Independence Day, Republic day, Gandhi Jayanthy, Childrens day and soon.The children were actively participated all the celebratios andconducting different competitios for the inmates as well as the staff.
The staff of boys home is attending different training programmes organised by the department from time to time.
Snehajyothy boys home organised three days tour programmes for all the children and staff. It was an unforgettable days to all. It was a different experience to the children as well as staff.