About Snehajyothy Sisubhavan

The first Child Care Institution of the Society is Snehajyothy Sisubhavan started on 2/10/2008 with the registration from the Orphanage Control Board vide Reg. No 1691 and renewed upto 01/03/2022 with the capacity of 40 children. It is also registered under Juvenile Justice ( care and Protection of children ) Act, 2015, Juvenile Justice ( care and protection of children ) Rules, 2016 framed by the central/ state Government vide No 197/2017 for 5 yeard from 27/12/2017 to 26/12/2022 with the capacity of 35 children. Now the sisubhavan has 29 children from 0-5 years. As a token of appreciation, the Department of social Justice, the Government of Kerala and the Ministry Women and Child Development, Government of India selected the Snehajyothy sisubhavan for conduction the in country / inter country adoption / placement programme for a period of 2 years initially with effect from 26/10/2013 and renewed up to 25/10/2019 as per the certificate no 8 dated on 09/12/2016 issued by the Department of social Justice, Government of kerala.

Snehajyothy Sisubhavan, Pulluvazhy is Having the following specialities.
Activities Of Sisubhavan

Sisubhavan is conducted variety of programmes for the inmates of sisubhavan. Awarness classes for the staff regarding the health and hygiene, nursing care, providing adequate nutritional care etc. Periodical visit of a team members consisting of medical Officer, health Inspectors, Junior Public Health Nurse etc from the Primary health Centre to assess the children health status and the immunisation. The staff of Sisubhavan attending the meetings and training programmes arranged by the Department from time to time.

Snehajyothy Sisubhavan provides the counselling services to all inmates, pre-adoption counselling to the Parents before the adoption.

Snehajyothy Sisubhavan is conducting the major celebrations like Onam, Christmas, Children’s day, Independence Day, Republic Day and so on with its full spirit. We were conducted different cultural programme and competitions for the children and distributed the prize for the winners. This will provide an opportunity for the children to express their talents in different areas